SAVE THE DATES! • October 28-30, 2022

Participating Artists

This Year's Tour features more than 25 artists and craftspeople. Check back soon for a complete list.

Please note there are no Stops #2, #6, and #9 this year.

Are you a professional artist interested in joining our tour? See our FAQ page!

Stop 1: Maggie Sunsera (jewerly and hand-dyed scarves)

Stop 1: Gwen Copeland (clay)

Stop 2: Chuck Becker (oil painting)

Stop 2: Adele Seitzinger (silk art)

Stop 3: Jack Loeb (painting)

Stop 4: Susan DeMay (clay)

Stop 4: Donna Rizzo (clay)

Stop 5: Louis & Christine Colombarini (neo-primitive clay)

Stop 5: Lucas Antoniak (painting and comic art)

Stop 7: Claudia Lee (handmade paper)

Stop 7: Jeanne Brady (hand screen and block printed textiles)

Stop 7: Chery Cratty (miniature painting)

Stop 7: Suzanne Hall (mixed media)

Stop 7: People’s Paper Collective (unique paper)

Stop 8: Damon MacNaught (glass)

Stop 8: Jonathan Griffith (clay)

Stop 8: Randy Johns (wood furniture)

Stop 10: David Sharp (woodcarving)

Stop 11: Rob Harvey (clay)

Stop 11: Jody Windus (clay)

Stop 11: Elise Windus (Chinese brushpainting)

Stop 12: Breanna Kincaid (textiles & fiber art)

Stop 12: Jennifer Cresculio (glass)

Stop 13: Amy Potter (architectural ceramics)

Stop 13: Scratyr J. Casale (functional ceramics)

Stop 13: Rayan Downing (cutlery and metalwork)

Stop 13: Judah Sleep (mixed media)

Stop 14: Kathe Reed-Nelson (sterling and stone jewelry)

Stop 14: Bryan Nelson (chainmaille jewelry)

Stop 14: Sherri Gard (raku pottery)